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Supernet awarded Rs100m contract to secure SBP’s IT system

SBP - Supernet awarded Rs100m contract to secure SBP’s IT system

KARACHI, (TLTP): The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has awarded a contract worth Rs100 million for IT and cybersecurity domain to Supernet Limited, a 100 percent subsidiary of Telecard Limited.

According to a notification issued by the Telecard Limited to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), the contract involves supply, maintenance and technical support of the Next Generation Intrusion Detection and Protection Systems (IDPS) to secure [the] SBP infrastructure from Advance Persistent Treats (APT).

This IDPS solution will provide SBP with state-of-the-art deduction of vulnerable exploits and unidentified treats originating against any targeted system, applications or hardware.   

In addition, the IDPS will provide remedial measures, as and when any malicious behavior is detected.

This solution will operate by scanning all network traffic on SBP’s gateways detecting and protecting against threats like DoS, DDoS, Worms and viruses, additionally, creating a 2nd layer of defense to SBP’s security framework.

It may be relevant to point out that the SBP has maintained the highest possible standards for vendor selection, amidst stiff technical evaluative process.

Supernet’s emergence as successful bidder is a testament that it has the capability and capacity to undertake this project, paving the way for similar contracts in this sensitive cybersecurity domain within the financial sector.

Telecard Limited is a premium enterprise solutions provider that offers a wide range of telecommunication and ICT/technology products and solutions across all industry verticals and business segments.

Launched in the mid 90’s as a payphone operator, Telecard has evolved over the years to become one of the most experienced telecom operators in Pakistan; with licensed long distance and international and local loop services combined with end-to-end corporate voice and data solutions.

Supernet offers security-as-a-service through a subscription model to deliver cost-effective solutions. Its services offer advanced threat and critical asset protection, compliance and cybersecurity risk management and security operations services.

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