Spotify Wrapped 2021: Who is Pakistan’s most-streamed singer?

music - Spotify Wrapped 2021: Who is Pakistan’s most-streamed singer?

If 2020 was the year that flipped the world on its head, 2021 was the year that we got used to seeing things upside down. With “normal” thrown out the window, we embraced the unknown and championed all of the things that make each of us unique.

Spotify’s 2021 Wrapped is a celebration of this — the millions of weird and wonderful ways to listen and live in a world that continues to keep us on our toes. 

Spotify has launched its annual 2021 Wrapped campaign for the first time in Pakistan, and personalized user experience inspired by just that.  At the same time, unveiled the top artists, songs, and playlists from the creators that helped soundtrack the year for more than 381 million users worldwide. 

Artists who reached the top of Spotify’s Wrapped Lists in Pakistan

Arijit Singh topped the most-streamed artist list in Pakistan. Pakistanis have an old affiliation with their neighbouring country’s music industry, while the top Pakistani singer on the list is Atif Aslam who has wowed his listeners for many years. The singer is renowned across the world for his love ballads, which are great at serenading your loved ones or rekindling memories from the past. 

Both Arijit Singh and Atif Aslam hold the hearts of many, as their songs bring back memories for all ages. There is no age bracket for these singers since their songs are all about emotional bonds. Atif Aslam’s most popular songs on Spotify this year were Kadi Te Has Bol, “Rafta Rafta”, Tu Jaane Na” andDil Diyan Gallan”. 

New talents coming up in Pakistan 

Pakistan has been a hotbed for upcoming artists this year with artists like Hassan Raheem, Young Stunners, and Asim Azhar making it to the top 20 list of the most-streamed tracks in Pakistan. “Ghalat Fehmi” From Superstar by Asim Azhar came first as the most-streamed Pakistani song, Gumaan by Young Stunners ranked at two and “Afsanay came third. 

Looking through the Decades

While listeners have responded well to the newcomers in the music industry of Pakistan, the older household names have not been forgotten. Songs such as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Kali Kali Zulfon Ke Phande Na Dalo, Aitebaar by Vital Signs, and musicians like Atif Aslam have topped the most-streamed songs from previous decades in Pakistan. 

This goes to show, regardless of where we are, what era of music we are in; a few favorites from the past will always stay with our listeners. 

Eligible users can now access their personalized Wrapped experience exclusively in the Spotify mobile app (iOS and Android).

Spotify has also rolled out its Wrapped creator experience for artists. With access to their own individualized Wrapped microsite experience, creators can dive into all the ways in which their fans listened this year. Check out Spotify for Artists to learn more.

Pakistan’s Most Streamed Artists

  1. Arijit Singh
  2. Pritam 
  3. BTS
  4. Atif Aslam 
  5. The Weekend 
  6. AP Dhillon 
  7. Talha Anjum 
  8. Talhah Yunus 
  9. Tanishk Bagchi 
  10. Taylor Swift 

Pakistan’s Most Streamed Tracks: 

  1. Tu Aake Dekhle’ by King
  2.  ‘Brown Munde’ by AP Dhillon 
  3.  ‘Insane’ by AP Dhillon
  4.  ‘MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)’  by Lil Nas X
  5.  ‘Butter’ by BTS
  6.  ‘Ghalat Fehmi – From Superstar’  by Asim Azhar
  7.  ‘STAY (with Justin Bieber)’ by The Kid LAROI
  8. Masked Wolf ‘Astronaut In The Ocean’ by Masked Wolf
  9.  ‘Gumaan’ by Young Stunners
  10.  ‘Afsanay’  by Talha Anjum

Pakistan’s Top Spotify Playlists:

  1. Today’s Top Hits 
  2. Desi Hits 
  3. Hot Hits Pakistan 
  4. Top Gaming Tracks 
  5. Mega Hit Mix 
  6. Mood Booster 
  7. Punjabi 101 
  8. Beast Mode 
  9. All Time Pakistani Hits 
  10. All Out 2010s 

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