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Submarine cable damage slows internet across Pakistan

Submarine cable damage slows internet across Pakistan

A cut in a submarine cable system at a distance of almost 400km off the coast of Pakistan caused internet disruption across the country.

The Trans World (TW1) cable system spans 1,300 km connecting Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and Oman.

According to the statement issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), internet services could cause disruption across Pakistan due to a cut reported in the TW1 submarine cable system.

PTA said that a cable cut was reported in TW1 submarine cable system at about 6 PM on Monday which has caused an outage of international bandwidth and may result in degradation of internet services for users of Trans World bandwidth.

The statement further read that PTA is arranging ad hoc bandwidth in order to minimize the impact. Efforts are going on to ascertain the exact location of the fault and expected restoration time.

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