BlueEX partners with ABHI to offer Earned Wage Access to staff

BlueEX partners with ABHI to offer Earned Wage Access to Staff

BlueEX joins hands with ABHI, Pakistan’s first financial wellness platform, to offer its employees the facility of Earned Wage Access, giving them the freedom to access their salaries whenever they want, saving them from financial distress.

On a mission to financially empower salaried individuals, ABHI is changing the landscape of the payroll in Pakistan and how an average employee spends/receives their salary by introducing the Earned Wage Access facility in the country. 

On the other hand, BlueEX prioritizes its employees’ financial wellness and understands that increased productivity in the logistics industry of Pakistan is imperative to the country’s future growth. Therefore, this partnership will help enable this growth, while building the overall financially empowered ecosystem. 

In light of this collaboration, the CEO and Co-founder of ABHI Omair Ansari explained said, “ABHI’s ultimate goal is to provide financial wellness solutions to all employees. You can only live a happier, healthier, and more productive life when you are not stressed about finances, which is the core of ABHI’s existence.”


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“This partnership with BlueEX to offer earned wage access to all its employees will bring some much-needed security and relief to them, enabling us to work towards a financially stress-free and productive Pakistan,” he added.

Founded in 2021, ABHI is Pakistan’s first financial wellness platform that lets you access your salary daily via app, SMS, or WhatsApp. 

Users can withdraw the accessible amount of their accrued salary instantaneously to any bank account or wallet. By helping employers to provide the option of advance salaries for employees, ABHI has helped reduce workloads on HR and finance departments, whilst facilitating their employees’ cash needs.

BlueEX is a one-stop solution focusing on retail, logistics, e-commerce, digital & technology. Started operations with a single courier in 2011, to become Pakistan’s first Smart Logistics company today. 

At present, BlueEX has more than 3000 corporate customers and a network of more than 400 cities and towns in Pakistan. Some of the services it provides are, operations and logistics, cash on delivery, retail warehousing and successful order processing and fulfilment, etc.

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