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ABHI, to offer Earned Wage Access to drivers in Pakistan, UAE

ABHI, to offer Earned Wage Access to drivers in Pakistan, UAE

Pakistani fintech ABHI has partnered with UAE-based to offer the facility of Earned Wage Access to ride-hailing and delivery drivers in Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates for the first time.

As the world economy struggles to get back on the rails, this comes as a ray of hope for delivery workers in both countries.

Hundreds of thousands of workers who were previously at the mercy of pay cycles over which they had no control are now better placed to manage the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, thanks to the combined efforts of and ABHI whose Earned Wage Access solutions have placed them at the head of their field.

The two companies ensure that workers will now be able to access their earnings in real-time and be paid for their services on the same day, rather than be paid after a whole month. This will allow them to be in more control of their finances and lead a more productive and stress-free life.

Vice President of Max Moscicki said, ‍”Our philosophy is that once you have earned something, you should have access to it right away, and Unveel’s real-time data enables that. Anything else is basically not giving you what you deserve. Having to wait for a distant payday is something that many gig workers cannot comfortably do, nor should they have to.”


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He said that ride-hailing drivers and delivery couriers were some of the hardest working people out there, and they deserve straightforward access to the fruits of their labour on their own terms.

Commenting on the partnership, Omair Ansari, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder of ABHI said, “Employees should no longer have to feel ashamed to ask for the money they rightly deserve. Through our Earned Wage Access product, people can acquire their earnings instantly, which we believe is a basic human right.”

“We are thrilled to partner with and believe that this partnership will open newer avenues to financially empower working individuals, enabling them to live a happier, healthier, and more productive life,” he added.

Unveel is an acknowledged expert in API payroll data based in UAE, which gives real-time income and work history data for 65 million gig workers around the world.

With a secure gig platform infrastructure to enable seamless access to financial and employment data across 150+ countries, their coverage is growing monthly and they are continually adding and testing the latest gig platforms.

On the other hand, Abhi, founded in 2021, is Pakistan’s first financial wellness platform that lets workers access their salary daily via app or SMS. Users can withdraw the accessible amount of their accrued salary instantaneously to any bank account or wallet.

By helping employers to provide the option of advance salaries for employees, Abhi has helped reduce workloads on human resource and finance departments, whilst facilitating their employees’ cash needs.

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