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Pakistan looks to establish semiconductors zone with Chinese help

semiconductors - Pakistan looks to establish semiconductors zone with Chinese help

BEIJING: Pakistan has proposed an ambitious plan to build the semiconductors zone with the help of China, converting Pakistan to self-sufficiency in modern gadgets and opening new avenues for development.

This was stated by Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Chaudhry Fawad Hussain in his media interview during his stay in Beijing.

He said during the visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan, they discussed the shifting of the semiconductors industry to Pakistan and the role of this technology is very important not only for Pakistan but also for China.

“We want Chinese tech companies to come to Pakistan and make Pakistan a hub of semiconductors manufacturing”, the Information Minister added, who also served as Federal Minister for Science and Technology and during his tenure, he signed many MOUs and agreements on semiconductors technology and collaborated with China to train Pakistanis in semiconductors skills.

“We would also like to start semiconductor designing in Pakistan. I’m very happy to tell you that Chinese investors are very keen to join hands with Pakistan and technology zone will be converted into semiconductor zone”, he mentioned

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Fawad further said that there is a huge area in science and technology where both countries can cooperate, adding that mobile phones are now assembled in Pakistan but they would like to take a step further and start full-fledged manufacturing of mobile phones in Pakistan.

He said that bilateral cooperation increased in the area of health-related types of equipment, which is also very important, and in the first few months of COVID-19, they were importing everything related to this area but now Pakistan is a major exporter of health material. 

“This is a landmark that we have achieved within a short period and now the health sector is open to collaboration. Pakistan has skilled labour, cheaper labour, and a huge market. We hope that Chinese tech companies would join hands with Pakistan to join our technology zone, and we will be able to come up with bigger cooperation in these sectors”, he mentioned.

He hopes many Chinese technologies companies would come to Pakistan after the visit of the Prime Minister of Pakistan because Semi-Conductor is a core element of every technology, which would help bring value addition to the local manufacturing products.

It is worth mentioning that during his visit, Prime Minister Imran Khan held a series of meetings with leaders of China’s leading technology companies, and both sides agreed to enhance cooperation in software development, information and communication technology, medical diagnostic, and other related sectors.

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