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Ramadan: Meta helps celebrate true spirit of the Holy Month

Meta helps celebrate true spirit of Ramadan

This Ramadan, Meta, Facebook parent company, is bringing back its #MonthofGood campaign with new immersive experiences and features across its technologies to help Muslim communities in Pakistan and around the world fully honour the spirit of the Holy month.

Through #MonthofGood, Meta will be sharing the stories of Muslim communities making a positive impact, providing Muslim creators with an entry point into immersive technology and offering ways for people to express themselves across its apps.

Muslim creators and communities are increasingly using our technologies to drive conversations that matter most to them and create a positive impact.

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Over the next four weeks, Meta will be sharing curated content and programming across its technologies to honor them through its Ramadan Talks Series, where creators from Europe, the Middle East, and, Asia Pacific will gather on Facebook Live and Instagram each week to discuss topics of passion such as food, Earth Day, creating Reels and building brands with their communities.

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In addition, Meta will bring daily Ramadan Facebook Watch and IGTV Series, featuring inspiring and entertaining #MonthofGood activities from different creators and entertainment networks from Pakistan and  around the world — from a handy guide to cooking your favorite Iftar meal to new ideas to giving back to the community.

Driven by the spirit of the Holy month of Ramadan, Meta has been taking special initiatives for uplifting Muslim creators and building towards a more equitable future of technology. To that end, the company is introducing new Ramadan AR effects and weaving Muslim culture into the foundation for the metaverse.

As part of its ongoing  Metaverse Culture Series, Meta will be partnering with a range of Muslim creators and culture shifters from around the world to leverage immersive technologies to capture their unique perspectives observe Ramadan traditions in their local communities and exploring embedding Muslim culture and community into the future metaverse. 

This Ramadan, Meta is working with Muslim creators from around the world to create Ramadan Augmented Reality (AR) effects which will be available on Facebook and Instagram stories and Reels in Pakistan and globally.

Lastly, as the values of generosity, charity, spiritual reflection, and connection to loved ones remain central to Ramadan tradition, Muslims all around the world can live the spirit of the #MonthofGood by donating to nonprofits on Facebook or Instagram. 

INARA, Molham Volunteering Team, Muslim Sisters of Éire and Palestine Children Relief Fund are just a few of the organizations with zakat-eligible fundraisers for Ramadan.

Meta technologies users can also support local businesses or a cause that matters to them the most by sharing the #MonthofGood Top Picks template and tagging them on their Stories with #MonthofGood hashtag. 

As has been the practice previously as well, Ramadan Avatar stickers on Facebook and Instagram and custom camera stickers on Messenger are also available to help users enhance their digital experience during the special month.

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