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Google Drive finally enables cut, copy, paste keyboard shortcuts

Google Drive finally enables cut, copy, paste keyboard shortcuts

It is hard to believe that Google Drive has enabled keyboard shortcuts to cut, copy, and paste files in Drive.

Some people will be surprised to hear they couldn’t use the shortcuts until now, but attempting to do so always brought up a message explaining how to go about moving files without relying on the keyboard shortcuts because they didn’t work.

But now, you can try it by pressing Ctrl+C or ctrl+x on a file to copy or cut it, then go into a folder and press ctrl+v to paste it into the Drive. 

The new functionality adds support for Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, and Ctrl+V (and the equivalent on Mac). As well as allowing files to move around, a link to the file and its title will be captured as part of the copy so that you can easily paste them into a document. 

Additionally, support for Ctrl+Enter allows you to open files and folders in a new tab.

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Although, the December 2021 archive of Drive’s list of keyboard shortcuts doesn’t say anything about the functions. Which is fine, really — it’s not like keyboard shortcuts for copy, cut, and paste has been around since the functions’ invention in the 1970s.

The feature is rolling out now, though, and Google’s post says that you’ll be able to use the standard Control / Command + C, X, and V to copy and move files around like you would in pretty much any other file manager. The company says the feature should be available to everyone by June 4th.

Google is rolling out support to all Workspace customers and personal Google Account users over the coming week, with the full rollout beginning on June 1. 

However, there is one big caveat: Google Drive is available to use regardless of your web browser choice, but if you want to take full advantage of the keyboard shortcuts, then you’re going to have to use the Chrome browser.

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