‘Washington values its relations with Islamabad’

Pak US relations - ‘Washington values its relations with Islamabad’

WASHINGTON: The United States has reaffirmed its commitment to continue building strong relationship and strategic partnership with Pakistan.

Talking to reporters in Washington, Spokesperson of the US State Department Edward Price said that Pakistan is a strategic partner of the United States and Washington values its relations with Islamabad in diverse sectors.

When asked if Pakistan and China have become closer because they feel abandoned by the United States, the spokesperson said: “We’ve made the point all along that it is not a requirement for any country around the world to choose between the United States and China.”

“It is our intention to provide choices to countries when it comes to what the relationship with the United States looks like,” he further said. “And we think a partnership with the United States conveys a series of advantages that countries typically would not find when it comes to the sorts of partnerships that the PRC (People’s Republic of China) has sought to have around the world,” the department’s spokesman maintained.

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