‘Govt sets $3.5bn IT exports target for 2021-22’

Technology - ‘Govt sets $3.5bn IT exports target for 2021-22’

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Information Technology Amin ul Haque has said that the IT exports target of $3.5 billion has been set for the ongoing fiscal year 2021-22.

Ministry of IT & Telecom through Universal Service Fund (USF) awarded contracts worth Rs294 million to Jazz for providing high speed mobile broadband services on M3 and M5 Motorways.

Addressing the contract awarding ceremony, the minister said the government was extending facilities to the IT industry to achieve the target which is seventy percent higher than the previous year.

Haque said the penetration of 4G services is increasing in the country with each month whilst our target is to launch 5G service by the end of next year.

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He slammed the Sindh government and said, “The Local Government Act in Sindh is a black law which we rejected. Where are the trillions of rupees of NFC and annual development funds of the province? There is not a single union council of the province which can be called a model. The Sindh government is leading the people of the province to disaster.”

He said the Ministry of IT has launched information technology and telecom projects worth Rs8.5 billion for Sindh without any discrimination.

In his remarks on the occasion, Minister for Communications Murad Saeed said that projects have also been started in tribal districts and Balochistan to provide them with better internet services.  

He said the revenues of the National Highway Authority and Pakistan Post have also increased due to the use of the latest technology. He said given the talent of Pakistani youth, the IT sector will contribute immensely in the country’s economy.

Murad Saeed congratulated Haque, USF and Jazz for launching the high-speed mobile broadband projects for the motorways, adding, “This will not only provide connectivity to the commuters on the motorways but also enable immediate communication and rescue in case of an emergency. The present government is working relentlessly to provide maximum facilities to the citizens of Pakistan in order to bring ease into their lives.”

The contract was signed by Haaris Mahmood Chaudhary, CEO of USF with Syed Fakhar Ahmed, Chief Corporate Regulatory Affairs Officer & Mudassir Hussain Vice President of Jazz.

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