UN to host donors’ conference for flood-hit Pakistan

UN to host donors’ conference for flood-hit Pakistan

The United Nations (UN) on Friday decided to host Donors Conference for flood-hit Pakistan by the end of 2022.

Major progress was made on the global appeal for assistance to the flood-affected people across Pakistan as the UN will host a Donors Conference by the end of this year.

Earlier, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif disclosed this while talking to the media at a Pakistan-sponsored exhibition of pictures from the flood-affected areas at the UN headquarters in New York on Friday. He said that while the date of the proposed donors’ conference had not yet been finalised, “it will be held soon”.

Sources added that France will be the co-host of the Donors Conference. The UN has started preparations for the forthcoming conference.


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The international community gave a positive response to the UN initiative for the Donors Conference to help Pakistan in coping with the flood devastation. Islamabad is likely to receive global assistance to deal with flood disasters.

PM Sharif said he would urge the global community to come forward and help Pakistan deal with this disaster.

“The devastation is so huge: more than a million houses destroyed, four million acres of crops lost, about 900,000 livestock washed away and thousands of kilometres of road destroyed,” he added.

The prime minister said that according to one estimate, the floods had caused a loss of at least 30 billion dollars to the national economy. He said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres “has become our voice. I met him today and thanked him for raising the voice of the suffering of Pakistan’s flood-hit people on the international stage”, he said.

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