Turkish Airlines leaves 20 passengers behind at Lahore Airport

turkish airlines - Turkish Airlines leaves 20 passengers behind at Lahore Airport

LAHORE: The Turkish Airline did not issue boarding cards to as many as 20 passengers at the Lahore International Airport and its flight left for Istanbul on Sunday.

According to sources, the Turkish Airline refused to issue boarding cards to 20 passengers and left them at the Allama Iqbal International Airport. The enraged passengers staged a protest outside the airline’s office.

They alleged that the airline did overbooking for the flight and could not issue the boarding passes to extra passengers. They said that they reached the airport four hours before the scheduled flight and despite the fact that they had to stand in a long queue, they were not issued the boarding passes.

On the other hand, the Turkish Airline administration claimed that the passengers were not issued boarding cards because they came late.

One of the passengers said he bought a ticket at an exorbitant price and deplored the ill-treatment at the hands of the Turkish Airline administration.

He further said that the airline was not adjusting the passengers who were left from boarding the plane to their next flight. The passengers have to face difficulties due to overbooking by the airline staff, he added.

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