Pharma industry agrees to reduce paracetamol prices

Pharma industry agrees to reduce paracetamol prices

The pharma industry’s heads agreed to provide paracetamol products at reduced prices during a meeting with Finance Minister Ishaq Dar here Wednesday, tweeted the finance ministry.

It said the minister in a meeting with heads of main pharmaceutical companies discussed the retail price of paracetamol products. 

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The pharma industry agreed upon the reduced prices of paracetamol 500 mg tablet at Rs2.35; paracetamol extra 500mg at Rs2.75 and Syrup at Rs117.6, which is almost half of the price increase demanded by them. 

The ministry said that the production of paracetamol products has been started.

Earlier this month, pharma companies in Pakistan stopped production of paracetamol tablets and other products after a pricing row with health authorities which resulted in a shortage of the drug in the market and forced patients with dengue fever to buy other drugs at higher prices.

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