NEPRA okays raise of Rs7.91 in power tariff

NEPRA okays raise of Rs7.91 in power tariff

The National Electric and Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has approved the government’s request to increase the power tariff by Rs7.91.

According to the notification issued by the NEPRA, the decision was issued on the plea filed by the federal government regarding the uniform tariff.

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The authority approved the request of the federal government, the basic tariff of Rs7.91 per unit will be increased in three phases. In the first and 2nd phases, Rs 3.50 per unit each increase would be made in the power tariff while 91 paise in the third phase.

NEPRA determined different consumer-end for each distribution company (XWDISCO) on June 02, 2022. The tariff has been determined for the FY 2022-23, which on national average is Rs.24.82/kWh, higher by Rs.7.91/kWh than the earlier determined national average tariff of Rs. 16.91/kWh.

The determined tariff was intimated to the government. The federal government as per NEPRA Act filed a motion for the determination of a uniform consumer-end tariff after incorporating subsidies and surcharges for all the XWDISCOs and K-Electric.

As per the announcement, the increase will be effective from July, August, September and October, and will not be applicable to the lifeline and protected customers.  The decision will be implemented after notification by the federal government, it said.

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