InDriver becomes Pakistan’s most downloaded ride-hailing app

InDriver becomes Pakistan’s most downloaded ride-hailing app

InDriver, the global ride-hailing service with over 100 million users worldwide, has become Pakistan’s most downloaded app for hiring cars by passengers.

Launched in early 2021, inDriver connects drivers and passengers, and allows them to independently agree on all the terms of each trip, told Sidra Kiran, inDriver’s Communications Manager in Pakistan.  It currently accounts for 40 per cent of total app downloads in the ride-hailing category in Pakistan.                                        

In 2021, when the ride-hailing company launched operations in the country, the app was downloaded over 3 million times and results in 2022 are already higher at nearly 3 million downloads in the first 5 months of the year, she said.

Unlike other ride-hailing apps, where algorithms determine price, inDriver’s unique model allows passengers to make a price offer on their ride request and negotiate with nearby drivers.                 

Aside from the fare, passengers are also able to select their driver based on their rating, estimated time of arrival and vehicle model. In turn, drivers are not automatically assigned to passengers and can choose to accept, ignore or negotiate a preferable fare. 

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The feature allows the users to get affordable rides at any time of the day. “We are very excited to see how great our users’ experience with inDriver has been,” Kiran remarked.                                            

She said that InDriver had already signed up more than 100,000 drivers in Pakistan. It was operating in over 10 cities and would soon be expanding its services to cover more cities so that more people could benefit from our unique offering aimed at increasing mobility across the country.   

“Passengers always can put their own price for the ride through our app and a lot of passengers find it’s useful while travelling through the cities,” she added.

InDriver was not just competitive when it came to city rides, but also had some of the most attractive offers on intercity rides.                                                                        

A passenger could pay as little as Rs 2500 for traveling from Karachi to Hyderabad and Rs 1500 for travelling from Lahore to Islamabad in a private car,” she said.

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