Govt announces 15pc disparity allowance for employees

salary - Govt announces 15pc disparity allowance for employees

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has announced a 15 percent disparity allowance for its employees in 19-grade and below.

The Ministry of Finance sources told reporters in Islamabad on Thursday that the federal government has given relief to the employees by announcing allowance on the basis of their basic salary.

It has also recommended the provincial governments to provide allowances to government employees from their own funds, the ministry sources said. The disparity allowance will be effective from March 01.

The federal government has also decided to prepare a summary for time-scale promotion. Under this, the employees who have been working in the same grade for a long time will be promoted.

Meanwhile, the government employees have announced a protest on Thursday to demand their rights.

The Government Employees Association officials have demanded that the decisions about disparity allowance and promotion be announced by a government minister at a press conference to give them credence. They say if this happens the day of gratitude will be observed instead of protest.

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