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Facebook launches ‘Rise’ program to up-skill Pakistani advertisers

facebook - Facebook launches ‘Rise’ program to up-skill Pakistani advertisers

Karachi: Facebook has initiated its flagship skill development program ‘Rise’ in Pakistan to help advertisers and marketing professionals develop contemporary skills.  

Initially launched in Brazil in 2020, Rise has now grown to 18 countries across four continents to supplement global efforts for economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic by empowering and up-skilling the advertising communities across these markets.

‘Rise’ was launched in Pakistan in an online ceremony led by Jordi Fornies, Director for Emerging Markets at Meta (Facebook’s parent company), with representatives from Pakistan’s advertising community, industry leaders, Facebook’s Authorized Sales Partner (ASP), students and faculty of leading universities, bloggers, and influencers in attendance.

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Speaking at the launch, Reseller Partner Manager – Meta, Ali Khurshid Ahmed said, “Rise is created to help the advertising community in Pakistan to continue their journey of personal growth and professional development by upgrading new skills, or even completely pivot their careers.”

He said that Rise was designed to suit the needs of all levels of experience and the program is about celebrating the resilience of the members of the advertising community, besides providing them the spark to learn, grow and thrive in their personal as well as professional lives.”

The program will span over two months, where the participants will have access to free online content and development sessions, including free blueprint training and certifications under the mentorship of Meta experts. 

In addition, they will be able to develop necessary soft skills and have the opportunity to interact with successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders to receive inspiration and guidance for success.  

A number of leading universities, industry experts, bloggers and digital influencers have endorsed the program as a valuable opportunity for advertising and marketing industry professionals for career development.

The program will especially benefit those who faced difficulties with regard to employment during the pandemic. Once skilled and motivated for success, they can re-enter the market with enhanced prospects for employability and career development. 

Rise is equally beneficial for new entrants as well as the more experienced professionals who want to refresh their knowledge and skill to stay relevant in the market.

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