2,223 new companies worth RS 2.8bn registered in September

Company Registration - 2,223 new companies worth RS 2.8bn registered in September

Construction & real estate sector take the lead with the incorporation of 377 companies, followed by IT 316, trading 310, services 209, food & beverages 85 and textile 74.

ISLAMABAD: The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) registered 2,223 new companies in September 2021, up by 20 percent over the same period in the preceding year.

Total capitalisation (paid-up capital) of the new companies stood at Rs2.8 billion and the total number of registered companies has risen to 1,52,089, said a statement issued on Friday.

Private Limited companies accounted for 65% of the new incorporations, whereas 32% were registered as single-member. Remaining 3% were registered as public unlisted companies, not for profit associations, trade organizations and limited liability partnership (LLP).

Approximately 99% companies were registered online and 210 foreign users were registered from overseas by using SECP’s online panel.

Sector-wise, construction & real estate sector took the lead with the incorporation of (377) companies, followed by information technology (316), trading (310), services (209), food & beverages sector (85), textile (74), ecommerce (74), education (66), market & development (54).

Similarly, registration from corporate agricultural farming stood at (53), pharmaceutical (52), engineering (46), healthcare (45), tourism (43), auto & allied (38), chemical  (38), transport (37), mining & quarrying (3) and power generation (30), paper & board (27), logging (26), cosmetics & toiletries (23), fuel & energy (19), cables & electric goods (18), communications (17), steel & allied (16), and wood products (16) and broadcasting & telecasting (15) and 69 companies were registered in other sectors.

Foreign investment has been reported in 61 new companies, reporting foreign investors from Australia, Canada, China, Dominican Republic, Germany, Hong Kong, Iraq, Jordan, Korea South, Paraguay, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE, UK, the USA and Zambia.

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