US ships 5m more doses of Pfizer vaccines to Pakistan

vaccine - US ships 5m more doses of Pfizer vaccines to Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The US has shipped an additional five million doses of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine to Pakistan, increasing the total number of vaccines provided by the US to Pakistan to 32.6 million.

“These Pfizer vaccines are part of the 500 million Pfizer doses the United States purchased this summer to deliver to 92 countries worldwide,” read a statement from the US Embassy in Pakistan.  

The latest donation makes Pakistan the country that has received the most US vaccine doses in the world. The US has already delivered more than 300 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine worldwide, confirmed the embassy.

“The United States has also provided $69.4 million in Covid-19 assistance through our partnership with the government of Pakistan,” it said.

The embassy quoted US Secretary of State Blinken’s statement from December 21 when he announced an additional $580 million in assistance for Washington’s multilateral partners.

“This additional funding is a significant contribution to turn vaccines into vaccinations; strengthen public health capacity; support communities in need, and provide urgent, life-saving relief,” he had said.

“Multilateral organizations are playing an indispensable role in these efforts, and with this additional $580 million, the US is supporting seven such partners to continue and accelerate the critical work they are doing to help end the pandemic, strengthen public health capacity, and provide urgent relief,” Blinken had said.

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