realme Band 2: The ultimate lifestyle companion for all your fitness goals

Image 01 FV 2 1 - realme Band 2: The ultimate lifestyle companion for all your fitness goals

The stylish accessory has all tools you need to track & improve your health and exercise performance

LAHORE: realme has launched its Band 2, ultimate lifestyle companion for everyone’s fitness goals, which is best suited to athletes of almost 90 sports.

realme is known for sitting on the cutting edge of the tech world, constantly introducing high-end premium features in highly economical price segments for its line of smartphones.

This commitment to being a tech democratizer trickles through to realme’s portfolio of smart AIoT products as well, including the realme Band 2. This handy smart accessory sits on the intersection of style and fitness due to its sleek design and variety of features to help you live a healthier, happier life.

The realme Band 2 is suited to athletes of all kinds, coming with 90 different sports modes that include yoga, outdoor running, and basketball among others.

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This allows users to track the calories that they have burned and the active duration of their workout along with other summary statistics through the help of the realme Band 2 which adjusts and accounts for the different types of physical workouts that you might want to do.

Water sports are also still on the table when it comes to the realme Band 2 as it is water resistant in up to 50m of water. This means whether you are taking a dive into a swimming pool or taking a jog through the street on a rainy night, you can do so without the worry of causing realme Band 2 any water damage. The band also comes equipped with a durable 204mAh battery having a life of 12 days so your workout will never go uninterrupted.

Aside from collecting data during your workouts, the realme Band 2 also collects diagnostic information about your body which can be put to good use on the road to a healthier life.

One example of this would be the band’s sleep quality analysis feature which tracks various different metrics while you sleep to give you an overall sleep score for the night as well as details of the duration and frequency of the different phases of your sleep. This allows users to get a better understanding of their sleep cycles and can act as an aid in recalibrating their natural clock.

The smart band also comes equipped with its own blood oximeter which can be used to measure the oxygen saturation of your blood and is a tool that can be crucial to the health of those individuals who are struggling with diseases of the heart and lungs such as asthma.

The realme Band 2 comes with a large 1.4” color touchscreen display that can be customized to match your mood with over 50 different, trendy, and vibrant dial faces. The company has priced this band in Rs 6,999.

The look of the band is completed with its stylish wrist straps that come in a variety of colorful designs that you can also purchase from realme and swap out to match your outfit or your mood. Whether you are an aspiring athlete or a fierce fashionista, the realme Band 2 has something for you and continues to embody the daring and pioneering spirit of realme.

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