QNET promotes entrepreneurial opportunities for youth on International Day

QNET promotes entrepreneurial opportunities for youth on International Day

QNET, the prominent e-commerce-based direct selling company, is celebrating World Youth Skills Day by empowering young people through upskilling workshops that focused on entrepreneurial proficiency.

The company offers comprehensive training programs for those looking to become QNET independent representatives to enable them to choose a sustainable source of income outside the less flexible, traditional career path, said a press release issued here.

World Youth Skills Day was declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 2014.

The day is meant to celebrate the strategic importance of young being able to lift themselves up by teaching them the skills they need to pursue opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship.

Speaking about the importance of World Youth Skills Day, Malou Caluza, CEO of QNET, said, “Today is a day we focus on empowering the current generation of young people to pursue a future that is stable, happy, and fulfilling. Compared to previous generations, millennials do not expect to hold a stable job over their lifetime. They look for what feels worthwhile and can complement their values and lifestyle choices.”

“At QNET, we want to enable millennials to leverage their technological prowess, strong connection to the community, and powerful sense of social responsibility to generate a sustainable source of income outside of less flexible, traditional career paths with direct selling,” she added.

Direct selling is a practice where distributors sell goods directly to consumers outside of traditional stores, as opposed to retailers that purchase products to mark up and sell to the end customer.

According to research conducted by QNET in collaboration with Marmara University in Turkey and the Moscow State University in Russia, millennials find the direct selling business model appealing because it provides them with control over their own operation and flexibility in their work life.


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Explaining what draws millennials to the direct selling business model, Caluza said,

“This diminishing interest in career stability in favour of personal development and work flexibility has led to the boom of many independent start-ups within the gig economy. It is not surprising that the direct selling industry has seen a major influx of millennials over the last few years who look to this business as the perfect side hustle that complements their lifestyle. Direct selling can act as a supplementary source of income for those who are pursuing their passion, or even a full-time career for the entrepreneurial-minded, depending on what the person is looking for.”

Surveys have shown that millennials view entrepreneurship as a job and a lifestyle that enables them to turn their passion, which can include art, personal health, or fashion into an income-generating business.

They also value a healthy work-life balance and seek flexible schedules that allow time to explore various interests such as travel or volunteering which is a big reason why the flexibility and supplemental income that the role of distributor for direct selling companies provides is so appealing to them.

Speaking about her experience working as a distributor for QNET, Nidaa Ryweck, a Platinum Star distributor for QNET said, “Before I began my journey in direct selling, I was juggling a regular job and my studies at university to make ends meet. My busy schedule left me little room to grow on a personal and professional level. But things changed when I joined the direct selling industry – I get all the benefits of running my own business without any of the headaches.”

She co-founded a business with her siblings and was recently featured in Entrepreneur magazine in the UAE. Ms Ryweck further said, “The direct selling model teaches you what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur without having to undertake big risks, and the flexibility it offers means that I can dictate how I spend my time.”

QNET is offering young people that wish to enter the direct selling industry and become independent representatives for the brand, the freedom to run their own business a digital user experience through the QNET e-commerce portal and mobile app.

The QNET platform provides users with the tools they need flexibly conduct their business from anywhere.

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