Pak-Qatar Family Takaful signs agreement with Sehat Kahani for telemedicine

Pak Qatar Family Takaful signs agreement with Sehat Kahani for telemedicine 1 - Pak-Qatar Family Takaful signs agreement with Sehat Kahani for telemedicine

Pak-Qatar Family Takaful Limited (PQFTL) signed an agreement with Sehat Kahani, to introduce free OPD consultations and telemedicine solutions through digital platforms to their customers.

Pak-Qatar Family Takaful CEO Azeem Iqbal Pirani and Sehat Kahani CEO Dr Sara Saeed Khurram signed the agreement with senior officials of both companies.

On the occasion, PQFTL CEO Azeem Iqbal Pirani said “We are delighted to partner with Sehat Kahani as this strengthens our resolve to provide innovative solutions to our customers in healthcare continuously. We are moving towards digitalization at a fast pace and partnership with Sehat Kahani will further enhance our reach and help us spread awareness about Takaful products while providing online healthcare solutions to our customers who will now have the convenience of availing healthcare consultations even from their homes without having the need go to healthcare centres.

Sehat Kahani CEO Dr Sara Saeed Khurram said, “Pak-Qatar is the leading Takaful coverage provider in Pakistan and a trustworthy name for Takaful services. We are excited about this opportunity to reshape the health takaful market through this groundbreaking partnership. With combined efforts of Pak Qatar and Sehat Kahani, this partnership will greatly reduce the burden at tertiary care facilities and help us achieve a healthier Pakistan”.

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Pak-Qatar Family Takaful is the first and largest and fastest-growing family takaful company in Pakistan. PQFTL is a progressive and technology-driven shari’ah-compliant company providing innovative takaful solutions since 2007. 

The company is rated “A++” (having a stable outlook) by VIS Credit Rating Co. Limited and Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA). The company’s paid-up capital is in excess of Rs2.45 billion.

Pak-Qatar Family Takaful is also the recipient of many domestic and international awards and nominations including, the ‘Best Takaful Company’ Award from FPCCI in 2020, ‘Brand of the Year at the FPPCI Awards in Karachi 2018, ‘Best Takaful Operator’ by IFN Awards in 2017, ‘Best Takaful Operator in Pakistan’ award at the 10th International Takaful Summit London 2016 and ‘Best Takaful Company in Pakistan’ for the year 2015 at ‘RTC Islamic Banking & Finance Awards’ ceremony in Islamabad.

Sehat Kahani is a widely used digital healthcare platform in Pakistan with the vision to democratise healthcare access for all using technology and a committed network of doctors. Sehat Kahani’s platform is available as a mobile application and a helpline for mass consumers and corporations and as e-clinics in low-income communities. 

Sehat Kahani’s mobile application is used by 1 million consumers, and 520+ corporations today. It also has the largest network of 40+ e-clinics nationwide. Over 1.3 million consultations have been conducted on the platform overall impacting 7.2 million people to date via consultations, counselling, and health education.

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