Foodpanda unveils ‘Pau-Pau’ as new brand ambassador

Foodpanda unveils ‘Pau-Pau’ as new brand ambassador

Foodpanda, the pioneering food and grocery delivery platform in Asia, has unveiled “Pau-Pau” as a new brand ambassador to better connect with millions of users across Asia by bringing a fresh and vibrant user experience to the platform.

The fun-loving and free-spirited panda, Pau-Pau which is a first-of-its-kind brand ambassador, has been introduced to celebrate Foodpanda’s more than five years in Pakistan and 10 years in Asia Pacific countries as a food and grocery delivery platform, said a news release on Thursday.

Its identity as a Foodpanda brand ambassador will be brought to life in full — from having his own language and story, to a full set of values, such as caring for the environment, empowerment, and the belief in living life on one’s own terms. With a new brand ambassador, the food delivery company has created a personality that is relatable and can better connect with millions of users across Asia.

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The pink panda, who made its first appearances in Japan, Taiwan, and Cambodia in December 2021, has since been rolled out in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Laos, Philippines, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and now Pakistan.

Pau-Pau will be introduced across all Foodpanda touch points — from the app, digital and social media, as well as out-of-home activations.

In introducing a new personality that fully represents the brand, Foodpanda expands its digital marketing ambitions to look beyond traditional platforms. Customers will also find Pau-Pau on the WhatsApp and Instagram apps as emojis, stickers, and filters for lively engagement, freedom of expression and communication.

“As Foodpanda becomes a partner in our everyday lives, we want Pau-Pau to be an inspiration for people to live life on their own terms and to its fullest”, said Chief Executive Officer of Foodpanda Muntaqa Peracha.

“Pau-Pau embodies and brings to life the Foodpanda spirit by helping our communities re-imagine how they use delivery and thereby adding vibrancy and fun in their lives. We are excited for our customers to meet Pau-Pau, officially,” he further added.

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